Our Objectives

Crime Prevention and Public Safety:

Mass incarceration, (i.e. criminalizing new behavior, and longer prison sentence), of our citizens do not prevent nor deter crime, neither does it make our communities any safer. Effective crime prevention and public safety is manifested through quality education, behavioral and mental health examination and treatment, and job creation.

Criminal Justice and Prison Reform:

The idea of justice and law are not the same. Justice is administering the appropriate corrective discipline to unlawful behavior, and providing treatment to the mental impaired. Whereas, the law is rigidly applied to punish unlawful behavior by imprisonment, despite a person’s mental condition.

The application of the law has been harsh, excessive, and disproportionately applied to people of color, (i.e. Blacks, and Latinos). These classes of citizens are systematically over charged and sentenced longer, as compared to white citizens.

The need for criminal justice and prison reform is paramount and mass incarcerating our dysfunctional citizens is not the solutions. We propose the following as immediate solutions:

  • Focus on the rehabilitation and treatment of our citizens

  • Stop treating our underdeveloped children as adults

  • Enact laws that would hold over zealous and corrupt law enforcement agents, and elected officials, accountable for their misconducts, oppressive and brutal behavior

  • Stop relying on the PA Dept. of Corrections to sustains Pennsylvania’s economy

  • Create new jobs

  • Properly fund and educate our children

  • Stop exploiting confined citizens, and their families

Effective Behavioral and Mental Health Examination and Treatment of our Confined Citizens:

The PA Dept. of Corrections has become behavioral and mental health warehouse facilities. Every criminal act in Pennsylvania is considered to be either a behavioral or mental disorder. Our citizens are suffering from any one of a number of adverse social, economical, and environmental conditions. Many citizens are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) unaware. However, society has a tendency of punishing and condemning them.

It is our expressed mission to change the current condition of our community by educating and addressing the consciousness of both incarcerated men and women, and free society.

The Return of our Redeemed Confined Citizens:

Every citizen is redeemable. We place great emphasis on correcting the behavior and mental disorders or confined citizens. By providing proper examination and treatment, a quality education, and job skills, we can return individuals to their community fully rehabilitated and contributing members of society.

This objective can be achieved by faith based solution, and including confined citizens in the conversation and implementation of crime prevention, public safety, criminal justice and prison reforms.

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