About Us

The Community Forgiveness and Restoration Initiative (CFR) is an assembly of clergy, community leaders and members, and rehabilitated and transformed incarcerated citizens, working together to educate and effectuate faith base solutions to crime prevention, public safety, criminal justice and prison reform, and effective behavioral and mental health examination and treatment for our confined citizens.

We propose to do so by meeting the spiritual, psychological, emotional and physical needs of our community, through forgiveness and restoration of our rehabilitated incarcerated citizens.

PURPOSE: CFR's purpose is to provide confined Citizens who are socially underdeveloped, under-educated, and suffer from some degree of PTSD, or other behavioral/mental health disorder, with transformation workshops designed to heal the whole person, (i.e. spiritually, psychologically, mentally, emotionally), and help find resources to meet their basic human needs.

CFR provides faith based cognitive behavioral therapy/treatment, Positive Psychology, through group therapy, and one-on-one counseling, utilizing spiritual principles according to their faith tradition. Upon their release CFR provides a 6 sessions prison de-briefing curriculum that is designed to walk a Returning Citizen through the reintegration process. tradition. Also, we educate the community regarding how certain legislation directly affect them and how to get involved to promote public safety in their neighborhood.


CFR's objective is to provide individuals with social, coping, and communicative skills, among other things, and connect them to resources and services to increase their chances of a successful reintegration back into the Community.

RESULT: Every Returning Citizen who has gone through the CFR's transformation workshop and has successfully completed CFR's 6 sessions prison de-briefing curriculum. CFR is proud to boast about 98% rate of success for those who have gone through… has remained free from incarcerations.


We are instituting a new paradigm that will lead to the healing of our community. It’s time to get rid of the failed mentality of "lock'em up and throw away the key." Rehabilitated confined citizens are vitally more effective to send a strong message to the youth in the community that their behavior, (i.e., criminal active), is not acceptable, than those in law enforcement, and in the criminal justice system.

Rehabilitated confined citizens have the ability to help prevent crime in their community, and we (community) need to allow these rehabilitated citizens a second chance to combat the crime that plagues our neighborhoods and unified community, working together with the transformed confined citizen will accomplish our goals.


The Community Forgiveness and Restoration Initiation has a comprehensive plan to heal our community and return rehabilitated confined citizens through faith based solutions, and we need your help! We have drafted legislation that introduces effective behavioral and mental health examination and treatment back into the criminal justice and prison system, and we have created a faith based re-entry program working with incarcerated residences and the community at large.