Returning Citizens

Gregory Womack

For someone coming home after serving a lengthy sentence, CFR is the perfect program. It’s informative, enlightening, and inspirational! I would advise any and all citizens reclaiming their lives to attend. The staff is welcoming and kind. While the guest are direct and relatable as they share their stories. This is the best program available and I thank God for guiding me to it!.

Michael Spivey

CFR has shown me a different side of society, going to prison and doing time, no matter how much time you do or the crime you com-mit people look at you like you’re the scum of the earth which makes you feel like crime is your only option. CFR is the complete opposite of what my opinion on what I felt when I came home. I’ve been home almost 2 years and it’s been a rough ride but being introduced to the program it has opened my eyes to things my probation officer has no knowledge of and not to mention that they embrace everyone who comes thru their doors it’s a wonderful thing for myself and oth-ers before and after me.

Bernice Parrott

Because of Community Forgiveness and Restoration I have learned about stress and things I can do to relief my stress and anxiety. I talk to myself in the mirror everyday to make me feel good about myself and I read my bible everyday and pray and talk to the Lord.

Ashley McCoy

Community Forgiveness and Restoration has been very uplifting to me every time I walk through the door. I now feel the pain that I’m going through out-side of these doors, are now the pain that I’m growing through. I haven’t been smoking as much because of this new group of family I’ve met through CFR which welcomed me with open arms. I can say my heart was empty until I met everyone in this class. Today is my mother’s birthday and she died the day I gave birth to my first born. I don’t cope well around this time of year. But to have support or just love from the family of CFR is the best feeling ever, I’m not lost looking for a hand up, but I received it from my new family. I learned that it’s still great people out here. I just want to say thank you for welcoming me to my new CFR family.

Raymond Wagstaff

I am a blessed student at CFR, this program has allowed me to step out on faith to move forward on some of my life dreams. I just have to keep doing my part, so thank you CFR, for helping me.

Michael Ross

I was asked about the CFR‘s program and I said it was amazing. Everyone in the room makes you feel like they’re family, It’s like nothing I have ever been involved in before. They need to have more programs like this. CFR let’s you know that’ you are people just like them, and they are people who care about you.


Robert Moore

I am a returning citizen after 30 years of incarnation, this particular workshop (CFR) is helping me with the needed tools to continue a suc-cessful reentry.

The reason why it works for me is because of its special approach in creating a platform that exposes the participants to a multitude of re-source opportunities. This program has facilitated new experiences in my life such as: job training, computer skills, interviewing skills and hosted of others skills. I am forever grateful to the opportunities that this program has afforded me.

Edward Moody

Community Forgiveness and Restoration, I absolutely think this pro-gram benefits society in many ways that other programs can’t compete with. They teach the sky is limit. The guess speakers were magnificent, Honest, Pure in words, action, sincere in all their deeds. I truly appreciate, the time and effort, support they’ve given. Ms. McDonald, She the greatest! Actually,

All the speakers were extremely awesome in character. Speaking in Honor, Respect by the grace of God. Prov. 17:17.

Cynthia Salamanca

This program has helped me tremendously. I am so grateful. I was so blessed to have the opportunity meet such amazing folks Ms. Penny you are beyond my expectations like you over exceeded everything I ever thought a program could except you nailed it. I can’t put into words how grateful I am for the invitation to this life-changing program. I served 10 years and three months in federal prison for identification fraud and I felt after my sentence that I was worthless that I was never going to be looked upon with good eyes in society that I was a nobody, and this pro-gram gave me my life back. It made me look at myself in a totally dif-ferent view. It made me see and believe with live testimonies of people really living their dream life after incarceration. There was two classes that I literally was in tears and was so touched by the teachers or the fa-cilitators that I can’t even put into words like there’s no way I can ex-plain to you what I felt it was just amazing I am all for this program and I can’t wait to offer it to my participants at ICJ and just reach in and just help change more lives like you have Ms. Penny I dream every day of becoming a life coach and helping you bloom even more this program.

Steve Chile

“I have enjoyed meeting the executive leadership of CFR. I look forward to moving forward with this wonderful new group of friends and supporters.”

Karree Pitts

I'm enrolled in Community Forgiveness and Restoration (CFR).

I was introduced to CFR by my mother (Sharmaine Lewis) who is a life coach for CFR. While I was incarcerated in federal prison my mom would attend CFR. Whenever I would call home my mom would tell me how the guest speakers tell their stories and how much of a positive impact CFR leaves on those that attend. Truth be told everything she said it would be was on point times 10. From my very first class with CFR I felt it. They welcomed me with open arms no judging me no looking down on me. it felt like a family reunion and this was only my first week attending. That’s an amazing feeling that I will forever cherish. I love the atmosphere. CFR has a lot of opportunities that was presented and offered to me free charge that speaks volumes. I’m able to attend college to further my education. CFR offers employment re-sources that help you gain not just a job a career. They care they want to see you progress effectively. I would recommend and refer CFR to individuals that is coming home and desire CHANGE. CFR is the MOVEMENT.

Robert Weston

As far as the CFR program it’s all love. Everyone’s your family and eve-ryone greets you with arms wide open. CFR helped me to make better choices; keeps me smiling with a positive attitude. I’m glad to be here and hopefully I’ll remain on the same road to being successful. Every-one has there arms wide open and the door open, its on me to cruise down the road to success.

Alex Crespo

I was recently released after doing a 20 year sentence. Upon my release (CFR) external team has received me with open arms and hearts. I’ve received counseling, spiritual guidance, physical help, gift cards, clothes, and a bunch of other items. I received special help expediting my re-quest to move home to take care of my elderly mother. I was blessed with a phone and two weeks of groceries, shower shoes, towel…

Kudo’s to the external team for all the hard work you offer to help our reintegration. Kudo’s to the participants for showing up every week, and a special Kudo’s to Dr. Thomas Roberson, the founder of Community Forgiveness and Restoration. A man after God’s own heart. I thank God for allowing me the opportunity of meeting him and to be a part of the program and family.

Jose Munoz

CFR has been a platform to see change. Touching people with compassion, mercy, forgiveness and love. A place where I was able to see God move mightily.

Thomas C. Jaskovich

The CFR workshops are filling a much ignored gap in the re-entry process. The resources that are being pre-sented to us are extremely helpful. Without the work-shops the resources would be totally unknown to me. I would highly recommend that anyone in re-entry make an effort to attend the next series of workshops present by CFR. I look forward to joining the CFR family as a more than just a participant.

Hallie Clark

My experience with the program enhanced my spiritual connection also open the door to continue my education and offered job opportunities as well I’m grateful to this program.

Stephanie Butler

First and foremost, giving all honor to God!!!! For all things. Big shout out to Community Forgiveness and Restoration Program I can’t say how grateful I am for the gift of this program and how I important it is that folks returning home have opportunities for support when re-entering back into the community. Gratitude is the attitude!!!!!.

Marc Freligh

We’ve heard from a formerly incarcerated, Pulitzer Prize winning podcaster, labor leader, professional employment recruiter, job coach, an investment broker, religious leaders and others. We’ve learned so much: free college courses, free music lessons and free instrument; from developing budgeting skills to best job interview practices. Community Forgiveness and Restoration leaves no stone unturned in assisting returning citizens achieve success.