What We Do

Here's a Snapshot of the Services We Offer

The Community Forgiveness and Restoration Initiation has a comprehensive plan to heal our community and return rehabilitated confined citizens through faith-based solutions. We have drafted legislation that introduces effective behavioral and mental health examination and treatment back into the criminal justice and prison system, and we have created a faith-based re-entry program working with incarcerated residences and the community at large.

Upon their release, CFR provides returning citizens with a six session prison de-briefing curriculum that is designed to walk a them through the reintegration process. We also educate the community regarding how certain legislation directly affect them and how to get involved to promote public safety in their neighborhood.

Additionally, we work diligently to provide returning men and women with the following resources and services:
  • 16 Weeks Transformation Workshops prior to release

  • Assistance with obtaining vital records (i.e. Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Driver's License, etc)

  • Prison de-briefing: healthy re-socialization

  • Assign a life coach according to your faith belief

  • Assistance with obtaining suitable clothing

  • Assistance with obtaining affordable housing

  • Voter registration

  • Assistance with obtaining public assistance or Social Security benefits

  • Assistance with obtaining Veteran's Services

  • Assistance with obtaining employment

  • Enrolling in school to obtain an education, including G.E.D., College, and/or Vocational Training

  • Assistance with obtaining a SEPTA transpass or tokens for job interviews and appointments

  • Assistance with obtaining substance abuse, behavioral, and mental health counseling and/or treatment

  • Attend one weekly religious study class and service

Transformational Workshop Curriculum

Our transformation workshop curriculum is designed to heal the whole person from the inside-out, (i.e. spiritually, psychologically, mentally, and emotionally). Most of the Residents at SCI-Graterford are socially under-developed, under- educated, and suffer from some degree of PTSD, or some other behavioral/mental health disorder(s). The transformation workshops addresses these disorders with faith based Cognitive Behavioral therapy/treatment, and Positive psychology, through group therapy and fellowship, and one-on- one faith based counseling, utilizing the spiritual principles according to the participants faith tradition.

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